Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different options available for purchasing lessons?

14 Week Sessions
Our most popular option is purchase lessons in the 14 week session package. When you purchase a session package you are guaranteed that spot for the 14 weeks. You can either buy the whole session at once at a discounted rate, or pay the full lesson rate due at each lesson. 

Pay as You Go
The other option we offer is a “pay as you go program” where you can purchase individual lessons at your level when they become available on the schedule. The pay as you go program is great for students that are not available each week, but want to keep up their riding skills. 

How many lessons can I miss?

We encourage you to attend all lessons in your session. We no longer allow make-up lessons. 

How do I find the most suitable lesson for my level?

Book an assessment ride with us and then the instructor will be best able to determine the rider’s level.

Why is my child on the same horse every week? Can they ride another mount?

Our instructors assign the horses for each lesson. All of our school horses are suitable for many different levels, and capable of teaching riders new skills. Horses are assigned to each rider depending on what skills the instructor will be working on during the lesson, as well as their suitability to the lesson plan and exercises. We do not take horse requests from parents, but the riders can express their favourite horse to their instructor during their lesson time.

Where can I buy the correct helmet or boots?

If you are looking to purchase a helmet or boots for your rider we recommend that you visit an equestrian shop in person and ask for assistance. The trained staff will help you choose the correct fitting helmet. Please do not purchase a helmet on-line, as they need to be fitted correctly to be safe to wear.

We have found the following shops to have a good service and quality brands:

Greenhawk Equestrian Sport
Bakers Saddlery

If you would like to borrow a pair of boots or a helmet from Earthbound for a fee, please let the office know ahead of time. We have a limited number of rental boots and helmets.

I am having trouble booking the lesson I want, what can I do?

Please make sure you have filled out all the information in your on-line profile. If you have an overdue balance, your account might be held until the balance is paid. If you are still having trouble please contact the office via email at and we will help you book your lesson.

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