Ready 2 Ride Program

The Complete Horse Experience

Ready 2 Ride is all about developing a relationship with your equine partner. Each lesson will progress every week to improve the students balance, strength, and coordination, by using fun and engaging activities on horseback.  Earthbound instructors and horses provide a safe learning environment for riders to improve their previous skill level, by incorporating new learning activities. Each student will have the same horse every week to further develop their confidence and horsemanship skills, and feel comfortable with every new challenge.

Our READY 2 RIDE Program consists of 6 consecutive lessons. See details below:

Spring Schedule

Spring Session: 

Friday evenings
Dates: May 3 – June 7, 2024

Times: 6:00 to 8:00 pm each day
Ages: 6- 13 yrs old

View program info:


$495 + HST
$50 + HST for helmet rental (6 wk)

All new and returning riders must read the Earthbound Stables Riders Handbook before their first lesson.

For more information about programs please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Lesson One

Horsemanship / Stable Skills

  • Review the arena and Barn safety rules
  • Learn fun facts about your horse
  • Tack up in teams

Mounted Lesson

  • 123 exercise review
  • Drawing exercise
  • Trotting with assistance (if needed)

Lesson Two

Horsemanship / Stable Skills

  • Take care of your horses stall and stable area
  • Learn parts of our tack
  • Tack-up in teams

Mounted Lesson

  • Navigation exercise
  • Catch up game
  • Introduction to different seats (walk & trot)

Lesson Three

Horsemanship / Stable Skills

  • Learn why your horse needs to be groomed and shed
  • Take care of your tack and learn why it fits
  • Tack up your own horse

Mounted Lesson

  • Introduction to musical ride patterns
  • Pylon soccer game
  • Practice posting trot and diagonals individually

Lesson Four

Horsemanship / Stable Skills

  • Equine first aid
  • Digestive system
  • Tack up your own horse

Mounted Lesson

  • Trot work in small groups
  • Developing the different seats at the trot
  • Walking race

Lesson Five

Horsemanship / Stable Skills

  • What is your horses age, weight and height
  • Learn proper hoof care
  • Tack up your own horse

Mounted Lesson

  • Monopoly game
  • Pole course- two point
  • Introduction to trotting in a group

Lesson Six

Horsemanship / Stable Skills

  • Know the parts of your horse
  • Learn how to groom for presentation/show
  • Tack up your own horse

Mounted Lesson

  • Horse show/musical ride
  • Trotting in a group format
  • Obstacle course designed by the students.
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